Hello Friend. While I understand the nature of this post and agree with some of the points that you make, I am a bit opposed to your approach. You see, every single person needs something, we all are in need of something. Yes sure, we can control our reactions to situations. However, how many people can smile and be happy right after getting raped by a total stranger. Sometimes, the situation gets the best of people, and in those moments, they lose control of themselves. We are humans and humans have feelings that can be hurt. If you have a friend who is going through something bad, or someone who feels like life has given them the short end of the stick, how about you discuss the hope that is in Jesus with them. God exists, he is real, and he is an ever present help in times of need. When a situation is not going good, the best approach is to try one’s best, and to pray to God, God has the divine power to make things work. When a situation is good, the best approach is to thank God, and pray to him as well. There is hope for everyone, and God guarantees us love, true love. The truth is, humans are more evil than you think. A person seeking validation, acceptance, and love from fellow humans would often be very disappointed in some of the things that they will experience. God is the only one who truly loves with 100% purity, he is the one who heals a person’s hurt, he is the one who can truly help a person, everybody walking on this earth needs to know the Lord, and furthermore, be in a good and constant fellowship with him. Harshness does not always work with issues like this, an encouragement to continue the fight is what does. I sincerely hope you can look into everything that I mentioned here today. May God be with you, Amen. ❤ ❤

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